Tsorbatzoglou: “Football God-MVP Lucescu should have given the title to PAOK”


The belief that the PAOK he got what he deserves by winning the championship expressed o Dimitris Tsorbatzoglou through News Bulletin 247while referring to the contribution of Ivan Savvidis and Razvan Lucescus throughout this journey.

Ivan Savvidis is the one who has brought joy with so many titles he has given to PAOK, but the MVP is Lucescu. He made PAOK a team, to play football and win the championship justly against the very passionate Aris. Without being much better, you had the feeling that PAOK would get it, because they deserved it and the football God had to give it to them. Whatever goal Moron scored, whatever decision the referee made, PAOK would not lose it“, he emphasized.

As for the next day? “Most of them will go on vacation from today and after June 20 the preparation will begin. PAOK has already achieved a lot, what they haven’t managed to do is enter the groups of the Champions League or now enter the new format of the competition. It’s the big challenge he now has in front of him. He will not find in front of him a team that is not played, but he will still have to make 3/3 qualifiers. It is a crucial summer and I have the feeling that the management should listen to Lucescu and what he will ask for, so that the next steps can be taken in Europe as well».

Source: Sport Fm

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