Karapapas: “Olympiacos wants the final of the Conference to be a celebration – EPO was saddened that we qualified”


Olympiacos earlier presented its season tickets for the new season, as well as the new badge to mark the 100th anniversary of its establishment.

THE Kostas Karapapas among other things, he also talked about his final European Conference League stressing that the people of Piraeus want it to be a celebration, while he mentioned that the EPO was upset that he qualified Olympic.

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For the final: “In Karaiskakis, there will be new spaces such as a fan zone for the fans around the stadium, but inside there are works being done. Every year we make an investment of close to half a million for the change of grass poet. Things change on and off the field. The pitch cannot be available on 29th May because works will start. We have agreed with Piraeus that there will be giant screens in the City Hall, Zea and Kaminia where people will be able to see the game. A huge offer has been made by Mr. Marinakis so that people can see the final from Mega. We have to keep in mind to win.

We qualified May 9th and on May 10th we sent a document to take any suite or seats available. We did not ask them to give them to us, but to buy them in order to make them available to the world of Olympiakos. We had a huge match, a preparatory work was done and as many people who support Olympiakos as possible should be in the final. Don’t be there for kids who will be going to the stadium for the first time. In the end, a lottery was forced because the number did not come out. Former football players, former Olympiakos coaches, people from the Academy, players’ families, team employees will come.

There is the accusation of the Federation instead of supporting the country’s team, which I understand he was upset about but he has to get over it. We didn’t ask for anything unreasonable. From the first day, Mr. Marinakis said that no damage will be done, the fans say so too. The attitude of Olympiakos is to make it a celebration. On May 10, we sent a letter to the EPO. The result was to learn that Mr. Filipousis took 1500 tickets and distributed them as they pleased. They sold 10,000 of a suite and he sold it for 100,000, so 90,000 was lost and then the responsibilities began. Olympiacos was not even asked, AEK got a suite, Fiorentina didn’t, Martzoukos did, who made him president of SL2. They command and say where Philippoussis will give them but little pretenses. There is lost revenue. The suites were given without a contract. How is this possible? Who pays for it? Does it impress you? no.

If it was Fenerbahce they would be servile and submissive. It’s Olympiacos. We, the mandate we have is like playing in Berlin, like in basketball. We are doing our best and will continue to do so. From there, let’s put things in their place. Someone has given the order that there should be as few Olympians on the field as possible. We will respect the venue, AEK is a great opponent. What should I say to a fan who wants a ticket? That Diakofotis has charged 4 euros per phone call and is making money from it. As soon as Olympiacos qualified, the alarm sounded. You don’t expect something better and something last. We must all understand that it is a game of special circumstances.

UEFA is strict. We are already arranging for there to be three points for them to reach the stadium starting with SEF. They will arrive in Perissos and walk to the stadium. But that’s the way. It will have three perimeter zones outside the stadium but will also not board the train without a ticket. Our partners will give you a detailed list of what needs to be done. There will be discomfort but it is once in your life. Until next year at least.

Attention worldwide. We will make sure that we have facilities at SEF with the fans, we are also talking to the police. We are not playing in a hostile environment. He wants attention from us, what we represent is the greatness of Olympiakos. We are already happy to have come this far and want to build on that. It has never happened that the Youths have won the Youth Champions League and the men have won a European final. The success is that we have the possibility to play in three finals in five days”.

Source: Sport Fm

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