Nikologiannis: “Panathinaikos with a full line-up in Volos – This is the best XI for the final”


Everyone present to Panathinaikos ahead of the Cup final, as Tasos Nikologiannis pointed out in his “air” News Bulletin 247talking about the upcoming game against Mars.

Kontis will have all the players in the Panathinaikos team, they will all go to Volos and then he will decide on the team for the final with Aris. Remember that two under-20 players should also be in it, a measure that I can’t understand since it only applies to the Cup. It will also be Magnusson, who will be ready in preparation for the new season. Contis has not shown an XI, today he made tactics, showing how the opponent will defend and how his team should react“, he said about it.

Regarding her possible 11 of the “greens” in Saturday’s game in Volos, the station’s reporter estimated that it will consist of Lodingin, Kotsiras, Arao, Jedvai, Juancar, Ruben, Cerin, Bacachetas, Mancini, Bernard and Ioannidisleaving a small window for Dragovski and Geremegev.

While Nikologiannis noted that success would be to hold this year’s final with people and that nothing happens between the friends of Panathinaikos and the “yellows”, thanks to the contribution of all involved.

Listen to the audio:

Source: Sport Fm

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