Arao: “The picture without fans is sad – The most important thing is not to play well, but to get the victory”


The fact that winning and winning the Cup is everything for him Panathinaikos in the final with Mars and in second place comes the good competitive image commented o Willian Arao on the Cosmote TV camera.

The Brazilian also commented on the absence of people at the Panthessalikos, saying that it is sad for the sport, the country, the players and the fans.

In detail, what Arao said to Cosmote Tv:

How should the Panathinaikos players face the Cup final with Aris?

First of all you should have the absolute degree of concentration in this game because you understand that one wrong decision can change everything. A wrong attack, a lost goal, any wrong move, can affect the course of the match.

More than concentration, we must show readiness. Let us be ready and expect all that we must do. This is definitely a different game, not a game like any other. And I would say that the most important thing is not so much to play well, but to get the result, the victory».

On a tactical level, what do you think you should do well against Mars?

I can’t reveal anything about it here, but I will tell you that all week we have been working hard and working hard, preparing for this match. It is true that we lost to Aris in two games this year and even with two different coaches.

The first defeat was coached by Mr. Jovanovic and the second by Mr. Terim. Now we have another coach. We know how to focus and correct our potential mistakes and we also know what the opponent’s weaknesses are. So I think we are preparing well so that we can surprise».

What message would you like to send to the friends of the team, who unfortunately will not be able to be in the Cup final?

First of all I would like to say a big thank you, because our fans have been really incredible so far. They always supported us, everywhere we went they were there for us, we have great fans. I would like to ask them to send all their positive thinking and positive energy for this match, because a lot can happen in a final. I have personally lost a final at the last minute.

From there, I also have a message for the Football Federation. The image of an important final without fans is sad. It’s sad for the country, for the sport, for the players, for the fans, it’s sad for everyone. I would like to ask the Federation to do its best to make it possible for people to come even at the last moment to this important match. To see the issue and enjoy this incredible atmosphere that a final always has».

Source: Sport Fm

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