Sloukas: “To go from Olympiakos to Panathinaikos and take the cup? There is no better story”


Panathinaikos’ AKTOR wrote an epic in Berlin as he humiliated the previously unstoppable Real Madrid with a score of 95-80 and lifted the dreamy seventh Euroleague,

After the match, Kostas Sloukaswho was named MVP of the Final Four with a “furious” performance, spoke at the press conference about his feelings after the success, but also the fact that it came in the first year he left the Olympic for the “greens”.

In detail what he said:

“Thank you coach Ataman. He trusted me from day one. I believe in him and he in me, we have a very good partnership. He said from day one that people should get tickets to the Final 4 and now who’s to tell him what? We won and are European champions, well deserved. I’m proud of everyone.

Last year was… last year. I was on another team. This year we suffered a lot, but we had faith, day by day. Here is my family, we stuck together, worked and achieved something historic. Panathinaikos was out of the big moments for twelve years and what we achieved was something incredible.

The coach was the first to believe in me, he had a dream and we made it come true. He has confidence in himself, in the team and he succeeded. Maybe we didn’t expect to get it from the first year, but we did. With Maccabi we suffered, but we proved here in the Final 4 that we are the best team by winning the semi-final with 16 points and the final with 15 points.

Mr. Ataman is the team leader. He trusts the players and gives them the time and space to do their job. I was out for ten days with an injury, I didn’t play well in the semi-final, but the coach knows what I can do and what each of us can do. Nan came in when we wanted him, made big baskets and we won. Without the coach we couldn’t do anything.

Regarding his move from Olympiakos to Panathinaikos and that of Ataman from Efes to Panathinaikos, he said: “Of course, there is a risk, he left a team that was at the top and Panathinaikos was 17th. But he had faith and believed from the first day that he would succeed. As for me, can you tell me a better story? To go from Olympiakos to Panathinaikos and take the cup? This is the best story. There is no better one.”

Source: Sport Fm

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