And now coach at Panathinaikos


He wears a scarf for a coach Panathinaikos.

The finale of the season was sweet – even though the main goal was not achieved – for the “clover”, which came out double winners with the victory over Mars in the Betsson Cup final. Because on the one hand he added a trophy to his collection and on the other he stamped a European ticket. If the latter did not happen, then we would be talking about significant damage for the “greens” in every respect.

Now, there is a rest for the footballers, but the team executives remain in the… outlet, as there is an important pending. Of course we’re talking about the matter of the coach.

The “greens” will spend the next period in order to find the man who will build the team for the next season, as well as the next obligations of the team, which will compete in the 2nd qualifying round of the Europa League they are not late. Nothing more specific can be said at this stage. After all, even Yiannis Papadimitriou, in the statements he made after winning the Cup, avoided mentioning anything. As Nikos Athanasiou pointed out on Sunday through News Bulletin 247I believe this week is critical. By Friday we will have at least one image».

So, in the coming days the landscape will have become clearer, without this meaning that the chosen one will be announced, but at least, we will know the profile of the coach who will be destined for the green bench.

Source: Sport Fm

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