Olympiacos won the 12th streak and reached 38 championships in Men’s polo!


Emperor in the Greek swimming pools for the 12th consecutive year o Olympic!

Carrying out an outstanding performance in the second half in defense and attack, the “red and white” prevailed with an impressive 13-9 over Vouliagmeni in Papastrateio in Game 3 of the Men’s A1 polo finals series, thus capturing the 12th championship in a row and 38th in their history, arriving alongside them 200 titles at the Amateur level!

In a “hot” atmosphere at the Piraeus swimming pool, his team Hrvoye Kolyanin completed the domestic competitions in the best possible way, doing the double after also winning the Cup a few days earlier. In fact, this was the club’s seventh consecutive double and 11th in the last twelve years!

Somehow, the people of Piraeus go with the best possible psychology in the Final 4 of the Champions League and to semi-final with Pro Reco on June 5 in Malta.

The match

The pace was very good at the start of the third final, with Olympiakos scoring in the very first attack of the match against Genidounia to the player above, to answer directly the Drowning with Almyra’s penalty (1-1) in the first minute. The “red and white” took the lead again, with Genidounias scoring in the 2nd minute after a quick surprise. Somewhere in there, however, the defenses of both teams completely dominated, with the result that neither could find the way to the net. 22 seconds before the end of the eight minute, the “red and whites” took advantage of the player above (2/4 in these conditions) and with a strong shot of Papanastasiou they closed the first period ahead 3-1.

With “weapon” their excellent defense, the hosts continued to fully control the pace of the match, keeping their opponents away from the Derdevas goal. Two minutes after the start of the second eight-minute period, the Piraeus did 4-1 with a nice shot by Dimos from 6 meters. Vouliagmeni’s first goal in normal game flow came after 11 minutes, with Papasifakis to reduce to 4-2 with a long shot. In fact, the same player, in the very next attack, sent the difference in the goal (4-3), with the visitors taking advantage of the player above for the first time after 4 missed attempts. The answer of the “red and white” came a little later, with the Hungarian regional, Morton Vamos to score from distance for 5-3 to the player above. The Laimos team took advantage of the home team’s early comeback and with Kalogeropoulos unmarked from the striker’s position they reduced the score again at one goal (5-4) at 15′, even tying the score at 5-5 33” before halftime with a Papasifakis penalty. Three seconds before halftime, Genidounias with his third personal goal, sent Olympiakos to the break earlier with the minimum value of the difference (6-5).


In the third eight minutes, Hrvoje Kolianin’s side were storming, going strong in defense and attack and an early goal from 6 meters with a beautiful shot by Hazelnut for 7-5. In fact, in the middle of the period, the “red and white” they made it 8-5 with Papanastasiou, after an attack that lasted for about a minute, having four shots and three renewals of the ball after rebounding from the two posts and one save! With psychology on their side, the Piraeus first increased the difference to +4 (9-5) with a terrible lob by Genidounias in counterattack mode! In the 19th minute, Dimos raised his index even more score at 10-5, with Hudhead a minute later stopping the home team’s 5-0 run to make it 10-6 for Vouliagmeni. Dimos however, with two impressive goals in the finale, sent him off Olympiacos at +6 for 12-6 at the end of the period, which the hosts closed with an impressive individual score of 6-1!


With Dimos continuing to be the tip of the spear and reaching 5 goals, Olympiacos did the 13-6 at the beginning of the fourth and last octave. Three minutes before the final, Vouliagmeni found a goal in the player above with Papasifakis (13-7), while all the visitors could do until the final was to reduce in the final 13-9!

The eight minutes: 3-1, 6-5, 12-6, 13-9.

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