Mendiliber: “I see appetite, motivation, will for the final – I have made the starting line-up”


The belief that his footballers are thirsty for his final Conference League and they will give against to Fiorentina the… everything, expressed o Jose Luis Mendilibar.

On the sidelines of the press conference for the great match at “OPAP Arena”, the Basque coach of Olympiakou he mentioned that he saw “appetite, motivation and will” in yesterday’s training, while he emphasized that he is not anxious, but he may be a little nervous before the cross.

At the same time, he described Piraeus’ course in the Conference League as a marathon and noted that his team will do in the final everything they have done so far and brought them here!

On the difference in the preparation of Olympiakos compared to Sevilla last year: “Very similar to how we got here. Different situation and different teams, we can’t compare it except how we got here.”

Last year he had two players from Morocco in Seville and this year he has two again: “In the same positions, we have two forwards from Morocco who have helped us a lot, especially Ayoub who has brought us here, he is the top scorer, we owe him a lot for what he has given us to get here.”

On the importance of Rodney and his dressing room character: “It is very good to have such personalities, he is very happy, but in such circumstances we are all happy, not only Rodney. This would be nice to ask in a situation that is not pleasant. It’s nice to have such an atmosphere in the dressing room.”

On Italiano’s comment about El Cabi and whether he will do the same for any Fiorentina player: “We have 10 other than El Kaabi to watch out for, he is overpriced and top scorer with 10 goals, but both Fiorentina and us will watch out for all 11 players. We respect his presence but a team is not made up of just one footballer.”

What a coach should tell them before such a match: “To be calm and do what we did to get here. It would be a big mistake to change anything from the moment we got here, but right now in our minds it has to be that it’s our last match. That was the way we succeeded and we must continue.”

On whether he sees the spark he needs in his players’ eyes: “I’m not observant enough to look at eyes and looks. In training yesterday I saw the appetite, the motivation, the will for tomorrow’s match. They have to believe that what they have done so far is good and do it for another match against a very good opponent. If they haven’t given it their all in training, then they have to give it tomorrow.

Of course there is motivation, thirst and passion. Anyone who came this far and didn’t have an appetite would be a fool. We saw it yesterday in training, there is one training session left, we expect to see the same, the players are full of enthusiasm for tomorrow’s game”

For the match against Maccabi and if it was the turning point: “It definitely proved to everyone and ourselves what we can do. There was a before and an after, we went to Serbia with a heavy score but to turn it around. At half time we had tied the score of the first game. This match gave us strength and showed us what we can do.”

The feeling that dominates him at the moment: “I’m calm. I’m waiting for the last practice, I hope everything goes well, nothing happens today. Tomorrow, just before the match, I will feel a greater concern, but now I don’t care about anything.”

Yesterday Carlo Ancelotti said they eat broccoli to calm down, what do you eat? There is a… frenzy about this issue from many, do you remember what you ate last year before the final against Sevilla? “I don’t remember what I ate last year, nor do I know what I will eat today. Maybe spaghetti, I will have many dishes in front of me to choose from. I don’t eat too much, I don’t get used to it.”

For the title he would put on the path of Olympiakos and if he has reached his plans for tomorrow: “I have decided on my plan, as long as nothing happens in today’s training until the match starts tomorrow. Our route is a marathon, we had good times, we have traveled all over Europe. We had a match at the beginning where we didn’t play well, we played an opponent that looked like we weren’t the favorite, then we played another team that we definitely weren’t the favorite. So there’s one more match left.”

Source: Sport Fm

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