Olympiacos: Premium 5 million euros for winning the Conference League-PAE’s income


His players will be the winners AND financially Olympiakou from the historical winning the Conference League. The “red and white” a premium of 5 million euros will be sharedan amount that had been agreed with Vangelis Marinakis after qualifying against Fenerbahce.

At the same time, PAE closed the season with revenues exceeding 16 million euros from this year’s European course, which included 19 matches. Already by participating in the final the Piraeus had secured a bonus of 3 million euros, while by winning the title they won an additional 2 million euros. The total amount of revenue is estimated at 16.5 million euros, but it is still not… final, since the calculation of the market pool (estimated at around 1 million euros) is pending.

Participation in the 3rd qualifying round of the Europa League: 100,000

Participation in Europa League groups: 3,630,000 (3,400,000 + 230,000)

Performance in Europa League groups: 1,470,000 (630,000 + 630,000 + 210,000)

Participation in the Europa Conference League round of 16 playoffs: 300,000

Europa Conference League round of 16 attendance: 600,000

Participation in the quarter-finals of the Europa Conference League: 1,000,000

Participation in the semi-finals: 2,000,000

Participation in the final: 3,000,000

Winning the trophy: 2,000,000

*Rank: 3,432,000 (26 X 132,000)

*Market Pool: Unknown (approx. 1,000,000)

Total: 16,532,000

Source: Sport Fm

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