“What a team of idiots is this”: Crazy screaming in Fiorentina from the fans in the match with Atalanta!


It’s falling… crazy crack in Fiorentina! The fans can’t stomach losing to him Olympic in the final of the Conference League last Wednesday at the “OPAP Arena”, as a result of which they made one comment after another under the team posters for the postponed match (and last for this year’s Serie A) with Atalanta.

“Belotti unlocks the race!”the “viola” posted to their account for the 1-0 at Bergamo. Dozens of comments about the “rooster” below followed.

“Well done when nothing matters”was one of them. “Against Olympiakos, though”another one and they continued… “oh my god what a bunch of idiots this is hahaha”, “Was he playing on Wednesday?”there were a few more in his goal Belotti.

“Great volley from Nikos”posted by Fiorentina at 2-1 against Atalanta and the crackling continued to fall… rain.

“They should have let him play on Wednesday night!!”, “Here’s another ghost scoring in important matches”, “Great!! But today is Sunday and not Wednesday!”were some of the comments below the Argentine’s goal.

Source: Sport Fm

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