He passed… over Scotland and Germany had a deafening premiere!

He passed… over Scotland and Germany had a deafening premiere!

Five star Germany! The “punchers” had a deafening premiere in Euro 2024dissolving with the emphatic 5-1 the Scotland. Delightful performance from his team Julian Nagelsmannwhich sent a message in all directions and showed why it is considered one of the favorites of the event.

Pluralism in scoring and five different scorers for Germany, with the Wirtz, Musiala, Havertz, Filkrug and Chan to find nets while her goal Scotland came from another German, after the Riedinger scored in his team’s net.

Germany-Hungary and Scotland-Switzerland the matches of the 2nd matchday for the 1st group and while tomorrow the Hungary-Switzerland.

The match

She entered very loudly Germany in the first half and justified everyone who calls her one of the favorites of the tournament. Only in the 10′ his team Nagelsmann opened the scoring, with Kimich to break into Wirtzwho caught the place in motion, with Gan not being able to put his hand well and the ball ending up in the net for 1-0.

The hosts continued at the same pace, with Scotland not being able to do much, playing mainly in counterattacks. Somehow in the 19th minute, 2-0 came naturally when o Gintogan he made a very nice slash at Havertzhe broke into Musialawho struck his hearth with lightning Gan to give his team a two-goal lead!

In the 25th minute, Turban showed the white arrow after his flip Musiala, but the VAR called him and eventually showed a foul outside the area, thus correcting a wrong decision by the French referee. The momentum belonged to the “punchers”, who completely controlled the match. In the 42nd minute Germany had an incredible chance when Guttogan headed in, Gunn temporarily sent off, the Barcelona midfielder went to collect the rebound and Portius he went with both feet on his opponent! The phase was controlled by the VARwith Turpan correctly showing the red card to Portius and also a penalty to the Germans.

Somehow o Havertz in the 45+1′ he scored 3-0 from the white bullet, sending his team to the locker room with a strong lead.

Scotland in the first minutes of the second half tried to take measures on the field, but without achieving anything special. Germany quickly stepped up and started to look menacing. The two coaches made changes and gave the players a breather, with him Nagelsmann of course to be more successful.

And that’s because he put him in the match Philkrug who in the 68th minute with an incredible shot from the area, overflowed the score for Germany’s 4-0. Scotland seemed… surrendered and the Germans continued their… violin. The same player in the 76th minute made it 5-0, but the goal was incorrectly ruled out for offside.

The minutes ticked by, the pace was the same with the Germans looking unstoppable and having one chance after another. Scotland managed to reduce in the 87th minute when o Riedinger inadvertently sent the ball into his team’s goal. The icing on the cake was put by Chan at 90+3′ and set up the final 5-1!

MVP: THE Jamal Musiala he did great things, being Germany’s top man. He found the back of the net and particularly troubled the Scottish defence, putting in a stunning performance.

Source: Sport Fm

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