Cancellieri: “After a dinner and some good wine, maybe I’ll convince Porter to stay at PAOK”

Cancellieri: “After a dinner and some good wine, maybe I’ll convince Porter to stay at PAOK”

He spoke for everyone and everything Massimo Chancellori at the press conference of his introduction as his new coach PAOK

The Italian technician spoke about how he reached an agreement with the “biceps of the North”, his vision for the new season and the support of the “black and white” friends.

At the same time, he stood in Kevin Portersaying that with a dinner and some good wine he might convince him to stay in Thessalonica!

In detail, the statements of Massimo Cancellieri:

For the PAOK team:To work in a club like PAOK you don’t have to think about many things to agree on a team the size of PAOK and in a traditional basketball country like Greece. All PAOK fans must be proud of their team and I believe that is what they will answer if asked. This matters to the team. Passion and a long history characterize the team. But we also have to write the new pages in it.

For me, this collaboration is a great challenge. I am also grateful to the president for giving me this opportunity. It is important to create a group with an identity, which will have a new dna. With players who will believe it and want to fight for this jersey. I too am a person who is characterized by his passion. We want to create a team that will be characterized by passion and at the same time have a clear identity. We want a team that will be directly connected to the history and characteristics of the club. A team that people will like regardless of the result. Those players who come should respect the club».

For Greece and basketball:There are some countries that played a catalytic role in the development of basketball and Greece is one of them. In Greece, basketball has a tradition and plays a role in people’s lives.

The funny story is that at the end of the season, talking to my wife, I told her that one of my dreams is to coach PAOK. I don’t know how it happens, but I have an Italian friend who lives here and used to come and watch PAOK games and basically has the role of a witness. So I was dreaming of this scenario, to become the coach of PAOK and suddenly I received a phone call from PAOK and the president of the team.

It is incredible. I don’t know if you remember the show ‘blind date’, but something like that happened although this marriage was not blind. We started talking at twelve o’clock and at two o’clock we were making plans for the new team».

For discussions with PAOK people:I really appreciate that the team staff and management are open to evaluating each situation. We discussed what happened and what needs to be done. We will go to new names, in cases of players who had no connection with the club in previous years. We will try to make a different project that will represent me as a person and a coach, that will also have an identity. A team with different characteristics and who will be young».

On asking Kevin Porter to stay:As for Kevin Porter Jr., after a dinner and some good wine I might convince him… I can jokingly say that I will also put Luka Doncic on the table (ss laughs). To answer seriously, we want there to be balance in the team. Dreaming is good and some things are likely to happen. But we want to build a team with an identity».

For the team’s way of playing:My wish is that the three ball handlers can work together and run the team giving the tempo required. The tall three should combine athleticism and be able to protect the racket. The three who will play on the sides should be reliable in the long shot and claim the rebound. In general, we want to create an athletic team that will generate energy and push all over the field».

For the world of PAOK:PAOK has a big base and I know that in every game we will have enough people in the stadium. You can’t promise results. Obviously these create the connection, but I will insist that the team should represent the culture of the world. I’d rather have a team that fights for every possession even though they don’t play good basketball than a team that plays better basketball but doesn’t have passion».

Source: Sport Fm

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