Voulkidis at Panathinaikos and the new season

Voulkidis at Panathinaikos and the new season

His player Panathinaikou and for the next competitive season he will remain Thodoris Voulkidis!

At noon on Friday (21/06), the Men’s volleyball team of the “greens” renewed the extension of its cooperation with the 28-year-old center, one day after and on the eve of Petraea in the club.

The announcement of Amateur Panathinaikos in detail:

“The Panathinaikos Athletic Club announces the renewal of its partnership with Thodoris Voulkidis for the men’s volleyball division, for the 2024-2025 competitive season.

The men’s volleyball department of Panathinaikos went through a very important renewal as it found everything with center Theodoris Voulkidis and the new year. The 28-year-old center will wear the “clover” again this year and will fight for titles with the Club.

In a statement on www.pao1908.com, Voulkidis said: “My joy and my madness are double that I will remain in the Panathinaikos family and I do not hide my satisfaction for the respect and trust shown in me by the management and the world of Panathinaikos!

This year begins a new year with great demands, several changes and we have to work very hard with faith and patience to create an atmosphere that will bring titles. Panathinaikos is not for the little, we want the big! I wish we have a year with health, luck and most importantly our world by our side”.

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