They managed not to… score, but Holland and France pass hand in hand!

They managed not to… score, but Holland and France pass hand in hand!

And yet it ended without a score! The first 0-0 of Euro 2024 is a fact, with the Netherlands and France to draw at the Red Bull Arena in Leipzig as part of his matchday 2 4th group.

In a game with many chances for both, the “blue” had them more and better quality, while the “Oranie” disallowed goal for offside at 69′in a controversial decision.

Thus, both reached them four points and they actually pass hand in hand at “16”.

On Tuesday (25/6, 19:00) the two matches of the last match in the group, with the Netherlands facing Austria (3rd), while France Poland (0b.), which became the first team that was also mathematically out of continuity.

He stayed on the bench Kylian Mbappeafter the broken nose he suffered in the final match against Austria.

The match:

Excellent start in the game, with the Netherlands missing a big chance just at 1′ by Fribong and France to answer to 4′ with a double moment and a long shot by Griezmann.

Very good pace. Although it slowly fell away, having a set match, both teams looked capable of creating at any moment.

Indeed, in 14′ the “blues” missed another double chance. Initially, Mr Rabio in the first year he left his wonderful heel unused Turam -after he neither executed being all alone nor broke it perfectly to Griezmann- while in the second period the ball after the latter’s shot went past the right post. At 16′ it was the turn of “Oranie” to respond, with Hakpo to converge to catch the shot, but seeing him Menian to drop and drive to a corner.

Phases continued for both teams, with France creating more classic chances in the latter part of the first half. In the 28′ The Turam did not “punish” the weakness of the Dutch defense by going on the counter-attack, while in 43′ The Ferbruchen blocked after his header Griezmann. In between, at 35′The Fribong received a nice “stop” from him Salibawhile a minute after his weak shot Simmons (who had much better conditions) did not worry Menian.

Thus, the first half ended without a score, which does injustice to his image and the presence of the two opponents.

The two teams started without changes in the second part, which had few good moments in its first quarter. Actually, more conditions. Besides, the two teams were trying to be cautious knowing the ability of the opponent.

It was then that France she began to… take it upon herself, creating four good moments in eight minutes! In the 60′ the shot outside the area by Turam went wide, as did his header Tswameni from the “heart” of the area to 63′. In the 65′ the “blues” missed a huge missed opportunity with him Griezmannafter a new collaboration and another great Turam heel, while at 68′ The Dembele he didn’t find a target after his pretences.

And yet, against the flow of the racethe Netherlands -who had begun to have more defensive orientations, accepting the opportunities as well- almost opened the score in 69′. For accuracy he did, but the goal was disallowed for offside (after much waiting with VAR Atwell agreeing with the assistant’s original decision): First shot by Depaythe ball was countered, o Simmons he took the “rebound” and launched a shot between the penalty area and a large area and sent it into the net. The goal was disallowed because the -exposed- Dumfries affects him Menianin a controversial decision (as to whether Inter’s half-back really does).

Then came a bunch of changes. Both looked for the goal, but neither succeeded, with the score remaining 0-0 until the final.

Watch the match live here.

MVP: The distinction will go to Cante. Another very good match from this bastard. He covered spaces, carried the ball, created. He’s had much better games obviously, but he was probably the best.

The compositions of the two teams:

Netherlands (Ronald Koeman): Feuerbrucken – Dumfries, De Frey, Van Dijk, Ake – Souten (73′ Feuerman), Ryders, Simmons (73′ Wijnaldum) – Fribong (73′ Heertruida), Depay (79′ Weghorst), Hakpo.

France (Didier Deschamps): Menian – Kouté, Upamecano, Saliba, T. Hernandez – Tswameni, Kante, Rabiot – Dembele (75′ Coman), Touram (75′ Giroud), Griezmann.

Referee: Taylor (England)

Assistants: Beswick, Nan (England)

4th referee: Nyberg (Sweden)

VAR: Atwell (England)

Source: Sport Fm

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