Occupancy of an apartment building with 20 apartments in Messolonghi was done by Roma, according to a complaint by a reader skai.gr. As he reports, they vandalized the apartments, committed thefts, even scratched the walls to get the copper pipes.

The reader of explains that she along with seven other people bought apartments in the apartment building in Messolonghi in 2006, with the aim of exploiting them. In total, the apartments in this apartment building are twenty, while on the same plot there is another apartment building with 18 apartments, which was also invaded by the Roma. According to the complaint, four apartments on the ground floor have been seized by the bank due to the inability to repay the loan and the bank has left them unoccupied.

At the same time, she states that she herself is a bailiff in Lefkada and that is why she is not in the area, resulting in the inability to supervise the area.

In fact, he said characteristically: “Six months ago, a passer-by notified us that he saw movement inside the apartment building. We went there. They had broken the door and stolen sofas, refrigerators, everything. We filed a complaint with security and notified the prosecutor’s office. They took fingerprints and caught some Roma. We locked up and left.”

Messolonghi - Occupation

However, the break-ins in the apartments continued.

The photos he provided to were taken yesterday. “They are stealing electricity, while they even scratched the walls and took the copper pipes. They broke and took all the doors”, he says characteristically.

Messolonghi - Occupation

Unfortunately, the owners – despite the pending repayment of the loan for the purchase of the apartments – cannot take advantage of them. This is because since the closure of the TEI, which was operating nearby, there was no interest in renting them. Also, the bank left abandoned the apartments it had confiscated, with the result that after the Roma invasion, potential buyers or tenants have been completely discouraged, notes the same woman.

The owners, however, say they are outraged and are thinking of taking legal action.

Messolonghi - Occupation