Avdalas: “I try to get everything from my teammates – The collaboration with Spanoulis is incredible”

Avdalas: “I try to get everything from my teammates – The collaboration with Spanoulis is incredible”

THE Neokles Avdalas he tries to use every… minute in the preparation of the National team, where he was called up for the first time. His 18-year-old guard Panathinaikou spoke on the EEC website about his childhood dream that came true, the collaboration with the experienced athletes of the Men’s National Team, but also the first advice he heard from the team’s coach, Vasilis Spanoulis.

What is it like for a player to be called up to the Men’s National Team for the first time?

“It’s a terrible feeling for me. An incredible experience. It was a dream I had since childhood. From the first moment I held the basketball in my hands. I dreamed of being among all these players, and now that I’m among them, I’m trying to get as many things as I can.”

Seeing, then, an athlete of your age how the players with whom you share your basketball daily life work and cooperate lately, what can he gain?

“Everything. Anything positive. From the conversations in the locker room, to everything that happens in training. Some days have already passed and I see, for example, Nick (Kalathi) and the incredible passes he makes or the energy that “Larry” (Larentzakis) brings out on the floor where he doesn’t leave any phase”.

And from coach Spanoulis?

“The coach is a legend of European basketball! I find it incredible that he chose me and I have the opportunity to be around him and coach me. Already, while I’m on the pitch, he’s given me some advice.”

Such as;

“To play with confidence, which is the most important thing, and to “take” the shots. It also tells me that basketball has no age.”

About a week of training is completed and, within the next ten days, the team will try through friendly matches to prepare as well as possible for the Pre-Olympic Tournament. What are you thinking about most these days?

“To be honest, at the moment we are not thinking about anything concrete. We have some friendly matches ahead of us and we are focused on them. We are trying to improve day by day with the aim of “tying up” even more, so that when the moment of the Tournament comes, the team can claim its qualification to the Olympic Games”.

Do you think it is possible for the National team to show up fully prepared at the premiere of the Pre-Olympic Tournament, given the fact that the time slots available to them to prepare are “narrow”?

“Yes. I believe it is possible. Especially for this team because it has in its composition players with very important experience. Some of them are or were teammates in clubs, have competed again in the National team, so they know how and how much they have to work in order to achieve the desired result. It goes without saying that there is also a coach on the bench who has gone through this process, having conquered almost everything with the Men’s National Team”.

You will play in a stadium where the Men’s National Team made history many years ago. What role will the fans have in trying to add another chapter to the team’s newest history?

“Supportive as always! I personally believe that the stadium will be full because the Greek fans are thirsty for a success of the Men’s National Team”.

Source: Sport Fm

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