Deschamps: “Kilian cannot be compared to the others”

Deschamps: “Kilian cannot be compared to the others”

His eulogy Kylian Mbappe knitted o Didier Deschamps after the end of her match of France with the Netherlands. The technician of the tricolor after a question he received about the absence of the big star of the team which was combined with the fact that his players could not score.

“Kilian is Kilian, he cannot be compared to others. Barcola has skills and that is why he is with us. In a fight like this it is never easy. I hesitated to take him out at the end to make a difference, but the team was balanced. We created danger and defended well”he said and continued:

“I only regret the efficiency. We played a high intensity game. Holland was more cautious than usual. Compared to our rivals, we had 36 hours less recovery time. But we responded. We did everything possible to recover».

Deschamps continued: “You have to score. We will analyze it and hopefully improve in the next game so that we can fulfill our goal to reach the next round. Unfortunately we couldn’t score. It was a high-intensity game and I was happy with what my players achieved, although I am disappointed with our lack of effectiveness in front of goal“, he said.

Source: Sport Fm

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