Dikoudis on sport-fm.gr: “The first sample is positive, we expect that we will be full at Acropolis”

Dikoudis on sport-fm.gr: “The first sample is positive, we expect that we will be full at Acropolis”

Exclusive statements on sport-fm.gr and on Louka Hadzidid after the victory of our National Team in its friendly match with Poland o Municipality of Dikoudis!

After he characterized the first sample is positive presented by Vassilis Spanoulis’ team, emphasized that all players must to trust their long shotwhile he added that the John Antetokounmpo he will likely compete in the two games against Montenegro and the Bahamas for the Acropolis tournament (25-27/6).

In detail what the Municipality of Dikoudis said to Loukas Hatzis:

For the image of the national team in its first friendly: “The image in our first friendly was very positive. Children try to find chemistry and automation. We may have had some dead periods, but we showed passion. We won relatively easily, we took a lot of free kicks, some went in and some didn’t, we can improve in that part. We consider that the first sample is positive and then proceed to build our chemistry again”.

On whether our national team will stick to this way of playing with the many executed three-pointers and after the returns that were not available against Poland: “It remains to be seen on the court. What is certain is that we want all our players to be threatening, everyone to trust their shot, when the ball turns quickly and we find the free player, to be able to finish the phase with an accurate three-pointer. The three-pointer in modern basketball is a big weapon, we can’t deny that and play a different game”.

On whether Giannis will compete in the Acropolis tournament: “We are waiting for Giannis and we believe that we will be full at Acropolis, which will be a big and final test ahead of the Pre-Olympics”.

About Slukas and whether he will make it to the Olympics if we qualify: “I have no further information, what we care about now are the guys who are here and will fight for qualification”.

Source: Sport Fm

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