Panathinaikos: In a 4-2-3-1 formation and pressure… no tomorrow

Panathinaikos: In a 4-2-3-1 formation and pressure… no tomorrow

*THE pressure it’s an element that Diego really wants to put in Alonso to Panathinaikos that “builds” and showed it once again. The afternoon training of the “clover” at Schladming of Austria was devoted to tactics with an emphasis on pressure and the Uruguayan coach testing the 4-2-3-1.

*Initially, for about half an hour the football players worked on the activation in the gym and then went out on the field. This was followed by a pressure and circulation exercise in small spaces “four against two” (first with two contacts and then with one) with Alonso and his partners calling for intensity with shouts and exhortations throughout. There were four home runs and whichever team stole tried to score.

*After the exercise in the small areas, the training session was dedicated to tactics by the “green” technician. The football players of the “clover” were divided into the following groups:

Orange: Xenopoulos, Senkefeld, Arao, Katris, Kyriopoulos, Ruben, Vilena, Mancini, Bregou, Djuricits, Dabizas.

Greens: Lilo, (Karakasidis), Gedvai, Tsokai, Vaiannidis, Fikai, Zeka, Kriparakos, Truige, Nikas, Aitor, Geremegev.

*Alonso tried the 4-2-3-1 and, as we mentioned above, emphasized the pressure part and how the footballers should press on the one hand and how they will move in pressure conditions on the other.

*The voices “press, press‘, were repeated by Alonso and his team-mates who kept calling for pressure up high in the right way with the Uruguayan interrupting the program whenever necessary to give the right directions. “Keep the ball(keep the ball), the Uruguayan would say to the team that was pressing and asking movement without… breath! The match ended in a draw 1-1 with goals by Geremegev and Djuricic.

Source: Sport Fm

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