Ofridopoulos to AEK players: “I help my teammate, I play for my neighbor”!

Ofridopoulos to AEK players: “I help my teammate, I play for my neighbor”!

Speech of mobilization – and awakening – by Socrates Ofridopoulos in Spata!

Before starting the virgin his workout with her first team AEKthe new coach of the “Union”, after his removal Argyri Giannikispoke to the “yellow-black” players, telling them: “We were also footballers and we know how the secret in football is: “I help myself, I help my teammate, I play for my neighbor”».

Then he stressed, due to his presence in AEK B ‘: «We belong to the same organization. Which coach in our position would not be happy? The moment, however, is not happy».

After the end of the training, Ofridopoulos announced the mission for the game with PAOK, contrary to what happened days before Gianniki before the home matches, with the players withdraw in the hotel.

Ofridopoulos’s first mission to AEK: With Simanski against PAOK!

Today is over training of its footballers AEK in Spata, the first under his direction Socrates Ofridopoulos.

The Darko GevitchChichan Stankovic and Costas Galanopoulos individual training programs followed. The other players trained normally.

After the end of the program, Socrates Ofridopoulos announced his choices for Mission of tomorrow (2/3, 20:30) championship match with PAOK, in OAKA, with his name Damian Simanskito return to the list again.

It also contains: Tsintotas, Hadjiemmanuel, Mohammadi, Svarnas, Rota, Michelen, Vranies, MitoglouHadjisafi, Tzavellas, Simanski, Simoes, Franson, Mandalos, Sakhof, Amrabat, Garcia, Ansarifard, Araούjo, Chuber, Tankovi..

In Spata, Melissanidis after the removal of Gianniki

At her training center AEK found o Dimitris Melissanidis.

Its administrative leader “Union” gave the “present” in Spata shortly after the change of technical leadership in the team and the time of training, where Argyris Giannikis left and Socrates Ofridopoulos takes over, who gets a promotion from the second to the first team.

In fact, the training is conducted under his instructions Ofridopouloswho has already rolled up his sleeves and will make his debut in tomorrow’s postponed game against PAOK.

At the same time, it became known that her training tomorrow AEK B ‘ will be done with him Nikos Panagiotara with Michalis Pavlis and the rest of the coaching staff, with Παναγιωτάρα to formally assume the technical leadership.

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