Opinion – Juca Kfouri: Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain played dream football

Opinion – Juca Kfouri: Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain played dream football

A derby at the packed Santiago Bernabéu that should have only looked like the hosts had the first half almost entirely French, with Mbappé shining and scoring two goals for one.

Real Madrid put pressure on, but it was Paris Saint-Germain who created danger, three clear chances to score before opening the scoring.

The second half was no different.

A game dominated by PSG, the madridistas were powerless until Italian goalkeeper Donnarumma made the Europe-sized mess and allowed Benzema to disarm him. The ball reached Vinicius Junior, who passed it to Benzema himself for the equalizer.

Do the rare reader and the rare reader know what it’s like to take a paralyzing sting?

For that is what seemed to have happened to PSG, on a deeply unhappy night for Brazilian defender Marquinhos, erased from Neymar with the exception of Mbappé’s goal and almost non-existent by Lionel Messi, in apparent decline.

So Vini, Modric and Benzema savaged to build the score that took the madridistas to the quarter-finals of the European Champions League.

By scoring two more goals and becoming the third-highest scorer in Real Madrid’s history, Benzema not only left behind the wizard Alfredo Di Stéfano but also a candidate to be number 1 in the world this season, albeit under strong competition from Lewandowski. , Salah and De Bruyne.

His goals doomed the future of Neymar, once again frustrated the dream of taking the millionaire French team to the top of European football.

It remains for him, in what, according to what I have already said, should be his last World Cup, to command the Brazilian team in search of the sixth championship.

Gigantic task!

If we Brazilians imagined that we would see a duel between Neymar and Vini in Madrid, what we saw was the French clash between Benzema and Mbappé, who may even be together in the Merengue team next year and will certainly be in the French team in the Copa del Rey. Qatar World.

The feeling is that, if each one does what he does for himself, together they will be unstoppable.

Looking at the intensity of the big games on European lawns is what allows us to attribute to them a different sport from the football played on this side of the world. And it’s not for the first ten minutes or for the effort at the end of the games, but for the whole time, like there’s no tomorrow.

In the 1990s, when we started to follow the Italian Championship narrated by Luciano do Valle on TV Bandeirantes, if we had an extraordinary team like Milan with the Dutch three Rijkaard, Gullit and Van Basten, we also had champion teams like São Paulo to face them. Today, what a pity, we don’t have it anymore.

The difference is getting bigger and bigger, like the one between the NBA and our basketball.

And a good part of the explanation for the difference that grows every day is obvious, it’s in the management.

As bad as there are in the world of cartagem in general, you don’t see in Europe entities like the CBF or the submission of clubs to the governing bodies, because what prevails is who makes the show, not the privileges of refrigerated rooms.

It remains for us to applaud our players at other people’s houses: Marquinhos, Militão, Neymar, Vinicius Junior, Rodrygo, so many, to name only what were in the ball recital that we were able to see in the Spanish capital, much better than any bullfight.

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