Olympiacos: Bartzokas has used by far the fewest fives in the Euroleague


A very interesting statistic is presented by the website 3stepsbasket.com. Based on this, the Olympic in the first 9 matches of the Euroleague he has used them with a difference fewer different fives in relation to competition.

Specifically, during these nine games, the “red and whites” have presented on the floor 63 different fives, while immediately next on the list is Zenith with 88! This number testifies that George Bartzokas has come up with schemes that work and avoids the experimentation that usually happens when things do not go well in a team.

Characteristic for the above is that the Zalgiris, tail in the Euroleague without a win, has more than double different fives from Olympiakos and is first on the list with 131. Panathinaikos is in seventh place with 95 different fives to have appeared so far in his struggles. The 8-1 Euroleague champion, Armani Milano, has so far shown 108 different fives.

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