Marathon: Gelauzos is the winner with a great record of 17 years, he celebrated with the Panathinaikos flag


The authentic Athens marathon ended with an awesome record. The big favorite, Costas Gelaouzos, confirmed the predictions in the most emphatic way.

His champion Panathinaikos managed to break the route record for a Greek athlete, after finished at 2: 16.49 and broke it record of Nikos Polias which was 2: 17.56 from the Athens Olympic Games in 2004.

Costas Gelaouzos broke the record for more than a minute. Exhausted, he knelt at the end of his fight, but quickly got to his feet and celebrated his success by holding a Panathinaikos flag.

«I took a lot of risks. I passed fast enough that it cost me. I believed it, I owed it to the world. I thank them all, they motivated me to do what I did. I wish next year to be here with a new record and more people. For me, every finish is a new beginning. I want to see my mistakes and raise my level even more, both for Greece and abroadWas his first statement.

In fact, Gelaouzos dedicated his victory to Panagiotis Karaiskos who fell ill with coronavirus four days ago and could not fight. Panagiotis Bourikas finished in second place, finishing in 2: 22.33. Charalambos Pitsolis finished third with a time of 2: 24.05.

See its finish and celebration:

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