Epic sign with … Romanian treat to the coach of Iceland!


She may be indifferent in terms of points as she has already been eliminated, but her national team Iceland has evolved into … a regulator for 2nd place in the 10th group of World Cup qualifiers.

The islanders made a mess of Romania drawing 0-0 on Thursday (11/11), allowing Northern Macedonia to overtake.

The latter welcomes the Icelanders today and needs a victory to secure the 2nd place, with the federal coach of the guests, Arnar Vidarson, to ask, jokingly, treat a beer from the Romanians if the hat makes them cut points from Northern Macedonia.

Somewhere there came a sign with a can of beer and the message “Arnar, your beer is ready” in Icelandic! You see, the Timisoreana brewery is the official sponsor of the national ….

However, the Twitter user who uploaded the relevant photo, commented that the sign is in Skopje, but it is outside the hotel where the mission of the hosts is and not the Icelanders …

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