AEK B ‘crossed the Avenue and made “2 to 2”


The “2 in 2” in Super League 2 made by AEK B ‘, who left with 3 points from the Avenue, as it was imposed 2-0 of Panathinaikos B ‘in the derby of the “little ones”.

The Union was superior during the longest period of the match and was ahead in the 70th minute with Kosidis, while it sealed its dominance in the 97th minute with Giousis.

The “clover” is generally harmless
, which remains without a point after two games. Senkefeld left with a sprain.

The match

AEK B ‘took the initiative of movements from the first minutes and tried to create the conditions to become threatening. In the 3rd minute, Kornezos threatened with a header after a corner kick, but the ball ended up out.

Panathinaikos B ‘increased its speed after ten minutes and tried to make phases from the right with Vagiannidis, who had an excellent individual energy in 14 ‘, but did not turn as he should.

The best moment of the first half came in the 39th minute for the guests, with Gevtic shooting hard from outside the area, but Xenopoulos drove impressively into a corner. The 0-0 remained until the final of the 45th minute, with the “clover” proceeding to a forced change in the 36th minute, after Schenkefeld left injured.

The Union continued at the same pace in the second half, with Radonias threatening in the 53rd minute, however, his place outside the area ended out while Xenopoulos was out of focus. On the other hand, the hosts had no way to threaten, as they were creatively behind.

The superiority of the guests bore fruit in the 70th minute, with Kosidis opening the scoring with a shot from the height of the penalty after Bakakis’s turn. A minute later, AEK B ‘reached 0-2, however Moustakopoulos was defeated by Xenopoulos in a place he attempted from the height of the area.

Bonortas tried to improve the image of his team with the changes he attempted in the last minutes, however the players of Panathinaikos B ‘did not have the way to become threatening.

The best time for the “clover” came in 94 ‘, with Matsade taking -marked- the head through the area in a phase that started with a static ball, however failed.

In the last phase of the match, AEK B ‘sealed its dominance, with Bakakis returning to the small area, where Giousis was thrown and defeated Xenopoulos up close for the final 0-2.

The compositions of the two groups:

Panathinaikos B ‘(Bonortas):
Xenopoulos – Vagiannidis, Senkefeld (36 ‘Antoniou), Sideras, Martinis – Engbakoto (82’ Tourkochoritis), Theocharis (82 ‘Robbie), Karvounis, Iliadis (69’ Koutsias) – Tsirigotis (82 ‘Matsadou)

AEK B ‘(Ofridopoulos): Hadjiemmanuel – Bakakis, Kornezos, Giannoutsos, Bousis (76 ‘Arvanitis) – Randonia (87’ Stamoulis), Babis (68 ‘Moustakopoulos), Sampanatzovic – Giousis, Gevtic (76’ Tz. Gavros)

See here the live of for the match

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