Opinion – Juca Kfouri: Atlético-MG enters the final stretch of the Brazilian Championship with ease


“The title is won in the last eight rounds and lost in the first eight”, taught Pep Guardiola in journalist Martí Perarnau’s book, “Guardiola Confidencial”.

Does Atlético Mineiro follow the trajectory envisaged by the Catalan master?

In the first eight rounds, Galo didn’t even do so well, winning four times, losing three and drawing a game.

But they were in fifth place, just five points behind Bragantino, then the undefeated leader with five wins and three draws, that is, they didn’t get unstuck from the top.

Since then, with seven games left for the miners, in other words, already in the middle of the stage when the championships are won according to the victorious coach of Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Manchester City, Rooster lost only twice and won 17, with four more draws.

Among the triumphs, 14 at Mineirão, 13 in a row, a single defeat and a draw.

Atlético’s campaign reveals that if it hasn’t lost the Brazilian Championship in the first eight rounds, it may not even need to win it in the last eight, such is the regularity maintained in the core of the tournament, enough to guarantee the party.

Not that I can dispense with the final stretch because, as much as they pretend to be disinterested, both Palmeiras and Flamengo are on the lookout for a glitch.

Nothing indicates that it will happen, although Galo has complicated games ahead, especially away from home against Athletico, on Tuesday (16), and against Palmeiras, on the other Tuesday (23).

He will also face off against Bahia and Grêmio, two desperate for fear of relegation, and will host Juventude, Fluminense and Bragantino.

After the stubbornness of the ball at Corinthians, facilitated by the stubbornness of coach Sylvinho, who still insisted on wasting Renato Augusto as a center forward, only the most pessimistic of the Atleticans, or the most optimistic of the Flamengo fans or Palmeiras, to fear the loss of the title, or believe that you can still turn.

The 1971-born Atletican rubs his hands as he hopes to celebrate his first cup victory, the club’s second.

Better than the apogee is the way to get to it as it’s happening. Likewise, in the gerund, according to the best of athletic poets, journalist Fred Melo Paiva.


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