Petridis: “Ferrell has not fully adapted to European basketball”


The fact that Yogi Ferrell has not fully adapted to the requirements of European basketball was mentioned George Petridis.

The basketball reporter of Panathinaikos stressed on the show “Bashetoi” that Dimitris Priftis trusts Bohoridis more than the American guard at this stage of the season, while he clarified that the next 3 matches may be a criterion for some players.

For Ferrell and the Panathinaikos guards said: “It is difficult for Ferrell to adapt from the NBA to European basketball. It makes sense that Priftis does not trust him since he has not yet adapted. In Belgrade he had made 3 mistakes in 3 phases. The coach wanted to have a taller guard next to Makon and that is why at this stage of the season he trusts Bohoridis. The Perry-Macon duo does not fit perfectly. At least Perry seems to be climbing and avoiding the many mistakes. “Maybe it has done him good to stay on the bench from the beginning and be able to read the game better.”

For the different image of the “clover” in Euroleague and championship stated: “The match with AEK can give confidence to the team for the coming week-fire. He made good collaborations in his game and had very good percentages in the three-pointers, which was a wound so far. If he had taken the two marginal matches with Basconia and Unix and was at 4-5 in the Euroleague, we would have had a completely different discussion. He lost two games for a rebound in essence. But there are these “ifs” in sports. These details were not in favor of Panathinaikos and they lost the games, which is why even more pressure arose. The results in the Euroleague did not help “.

For if the next 3 matches for the team are a criterion, stressed: “I do not think it will be a criterion for Priftis. Diamantidis and Albert trust him completely. For some players, these 3 games may be a criterion. What they can offer or what they can not offer. There is no-opportunity – at the financial level – for changes in the roster. “Without revealing anything from the report, if he wants to fire Floyd, for example, then he will have to replace him with a player for the same money.”

For possible changes in the number of foreigners and Nedovic, he said: “Of course he will go with this six in the derby with Olympiakos and maybe some change will be made after the break. He will have to protect Nedovic from possible injuries. In any case, the summer “building” took place around the Serbian Guard and Papapetrou. Certainly not the famous Nedovic. It takes a long way to reach the levels we know. ”

Listen to what he said:

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