The assistant coach of Aeolos Trikala passed away due to a coronavirus


Sadness in Trikala. The assistant coach of the local Aeolus, Christos Gotas, died of coronavirus at the age of 49.

The deceased, who was the father of a child, he was fully vaccinated, but he got sick and his condition showed a rapid deterioration in the last 24 hours, as a result of which he ended up.

THE EEC expressed its condolences, while at the same time the match of Aeolos Trikala with the Titans Palamas for the Second National, which was scheduled for today, was postponed.

The EEC Communication:

The basketball family is mourning today for the loss of one of its members. Christos Gotas, a member of the technical staff of Aeolos Trikala, passed away, spreading grief to his family, to the people of his team and to the whole world of basketball.

The president of EEC Vangelis Liolios and the members of the Board of the EEC express their heartfelt condolences to his family.

For this reason, the match of the club with the Titans Palamas, which was scheduled for today (14/11) for the championship of the 2nd Men’s National Team (3rd Group), is postponed.

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