Sakkari cried: “I will never forget this victory”

Sakkari cried: “I will never forget this victory”

Blissful and with wet eyes from emotion, the Maria Sakkari lives her dream after qualifying for WTA Finals semifinals thanks to her victory over Arina Sampalenka.

«I think the atmosphere makes it even more special. I knew it was incredible here, but playing in front of this audience made me realize it. It is my first big win in Mexico and I will never forget it“, Said the 26-year-old tennis player after the triumph in Guadalajara and added:

«Believe me, I play with passion, I come from Greece. We look like countries (including Greece and Mexico). The energy given by the audience is incredible, it made me feel like I was playing at home and thank you very much. You helped me play even better».

As for how the overthrow came about? «Luck always helps, but playing with my heart makes things easier. Tennis is the last thing that matters, because believing in yourself and playing with your heart is very important.He said characteristically.

Regarding the semifinal with Conduit, he said: “It will be an interesting duel. We know each other well and it will be a big challenge. We know each other very well, we have started the Tour together and I told her in Moscow during the season that we will say goodbye to Guadalajara. He did not believe me then».

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