The forwards “spoke” and … Panathinaikos’ qualification against Panachaiki


Another Super League 1 team, which does not fall victim to a surprise in its 5th phase Greek Cup became the Panetolikos, which prevailed on Wednesday (27/10) 2-1 in Patras on Panacheiki, getting the qualification for them «16».

Best in the game, the team of Giannis Anastasiou, took the lead in 20′ by Kareli, with the warriors of Patras -of the 3rd National now- to equalize at 48′ by Papachronopoulos, phase in which the young ace was injured. The “golden” qualifying goal for the guests was scored by Vergos in 74′ with exceptional atomic energy.

The atmosphere created by the friends of Panachaiki in the neighboring derby is very nice. Change to change o Brgots due to injury.

The match:

The first part belonged to the guests, as shown by their superiority in the final efforts at that time, ie the 5(1) against 1(0) of Panacheiki.

One of them, they managed to transform into a goal, when in 20′ The Duarte took him out with an excellent vertical in a four-on-four position Kareli, with the Greek for passing him Athanasopoulos, placing accurately in front of an empty hearth.

The rhythm started in the next minutes, with both teams being quite active, without of course changing anything until the end of the first half.

However, with the start of the second, Panachaiki managed to score in the first good moment it created, bringing the match equal to Papachronopoulos in 48′. THE Karaklajic made the parallel turn from the left, with the 19-year-old midfielder writing the 1-1 with an projection, but an attempt that brought his impact on the right beam, which led to forced change of.

The two teams had moments in the next minutes, but the one who took the lead again, was Panaitolikos in 74′. Vergos, who had been on the field four minutes earlier, entered the opponent’s area with exceptional individual energy and formed the 1-2 with sliding shot. Closer to another goal came the guests in the 4th minute of the delays, with Duarte wasting a huge opportunity and the score remained as it was until the last whistle.

The compositions of the two groups:

Panacheiki (Kalaitzis): Athanasopoulos – Belezakis, Smiltos, Seliniotakis, Stasinopoulos – Tegousis, Papachronopoulos (50 ‘Konstantakopoulos) – Stergidis (74’ Bourlakis), Handi (79 ‘Kyvelidis), Karaklagits – Alexopoulos.

Panaitolikos (Anastasiou): Rodriguez – Apostolakis (59 ‘Louis), Bakadimas (59’ Vrgots, 69 ‘Malis), Cornelius Antones – Morse, Tsingaras, Flores, St. Belevonis (70 ‘Vergos) – Duarte – Karelis (Chr. Belevonis).

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