Travel Abroad in the Fall: Seven Destinations in Europe


Autumn. There are many different ways to interpret this season. Perfumes, colors, images, senses, travel. Yes, perhaps the last word is the perfect way to describe autumn. Trips and stops to destinations that will bombard you with unforgettable images.

If you want to take a break from the frenzy of everyday life and plan an outing abroad, then see below what are the top choices you can make.

Malaga, Spain

Mλαlaga, or pocket-sized Barcelona, ​​is this small seaside town that will disarm you. There, on the sunniest side of Spain, you will be enchanted by the small old town which is full of busy small restaurants and hidden boutiques waiting for you to discover. In Malaga you will start a journey of art, senses and tastes. You can stay at the 18th-century Palacio Solecio, which opened in 2020 after a complete remodel to become the city’s most beautiful hotel.

Vienna, Austria

We continue with Vienna, the fairytale capital of Austria. Popular for its imperial palaces, but also for its great musical heritage, Vienna is definitely one of the most ideal autumn and non-autumn destinations. Indulge in its magic and you will not regret it. In Vienna you will forget everything that takes you away from the real meaning of life and you will be immersed in a magical world.

Venice, Italy

Venice is the destination where fairy tales come true. Gondolas, colors, smells, compose the magic painting of Venice. If you want to live unforgettable romantic experiences, enjoy a quiet boating and feel the renaissance air, then you must visit it without a second thought. Immersed in a water landscape, every hidden corner is full of picturesqueness and romance.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a great destination if you want to discover a different side of life. Multicultural and multifaceted, in Lisbon you will find many and conflicting elements. Modern and at the same time traditional touches, landscapes that captivate you, special flavors and much more, are there. Although often underrated, Lisbon is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and unique cities in Europe, a city that gives you plenty of options.

Strasbourg, France

When you think of a trip to France, Paris is definitely the first destination that comes directly to your mind. And not unjustly, if you consider that it is a magical city. However, we will take you somewhere different today. In the unique Strasbourg, the city with the special architecture. The beautiful old town and the narrow streets that are embraced by houses of the 15th and 16th century, compose an ideal destination. Culture, architecture, romanticism, all these elements are located in Strasbourg.

Prague Czech Republic

If you are looking for a destination that looks like it has sprung from a dream, then Prague is what you need. Prague will offer you a variety of options whatever season you choose to visit. Especially at Christmas, the landscape you will see seems captivating. Sights, museums, local delicacies and fairytale landscapes are all that make it unique.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is without a doubt the most fun city in Europe. Do you want museums, do you want galleries, do you want endless bike rides? Whatever you are looking for you will find it there, in one of the most charming destinations. One minute is enough to fall in love with the beautiful capital of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is a hub of history, culture, architecture and fun. Each corner offers you something unique. A few colors in brown shades or just unforgettable experiences.

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