Unbelievable: Gladbach eliminated Bayern Munich with a historic five!


Gladbach-Bayern Munich, 5-0, for the second round of the German Cup! With the Bavarians playing complete, not with the “second”. Coming from two consecutive 4-0 and one 5-1 previously, in their favor. However, they calculated without Embol…

The Swiss striker’s paralyzed Bayern, “serving” the first goal of the “foals” to Kone just in 2 ‘, winning the penalty from Hernandez for the 3-0 scored by Bensembaini in… 21’ – while the Algerian had scored six minutes earlier- and scored two goals in six minutes in the replay!

The visitors conceded three goals in such a short period of time for the first time in their history in the institution of the Cup and fatally said goodbye… early, with a defeat that will be discussed for a long time, since it is the heaviest in their history in that event.

For the record, Bayern – who also suffered a disaster last year, excluded from Holstein Kiel on penalties, just in the 2nd round – had a goal in the 77th minute, after a header by Tolisso.


U. was also unexpectedly excluded Bayer Leverkusen, which was defeated by 2-1 domestically from Karlsruhe, competing in the second division!

The “aspirins” saw their opponent lead with… goals from the locker room, equalized early in the replay, but a “blunder” by Hradecki that led to 1-2 in favor of the guests along with the pile of missed opportunities by Bayer, had like result in maintaining that score;

Out of continuity was also left the Stuttgart of “ours” Konstantinos Mavropanos who was a key player and a change was made in 79 ‘ to defeat by Toilet water with 2-0, thanks to two goals by Modest in six minutes, in the last third of the match.

Summary of today’s results:

Mannheim – Berlin Union 1-3 par. (1-1 etc.)

(4 ‘Rosipal – 18’, 118 ‘Berens, 94’ Avonigi)

Bayer Leverkusen – Karlsruhe 1-2

(54 ‘Fribong – 5’ Quetta, 63 Choi)

Bochum – Augsburg 5-4 pen. (2-2 etc. and par.)

Dynamo Dresden – San Pauli 2-3 par. (2-2 etc.)

(66 ‘Daferner, 73’ auto Tsiras – 63 ‘Pakarada, 72’ Dietgen, 101 ‘Buchman)

Hannover – Fortuna Düsseldorf 3-0

(30 ‘Kirk, 90’ + 2 ‘, 90’ + 5 ‘Bayer)

Gladbach – Bayern Munich 5-0

(2 ‘Kone, 15’, 21 ‘pen. Bensembaini, 51’, 57 ‘Empolo)

Regensburg – Hansa Rostock 3-4 par. (2-2 etc.)

(71 ‘Single, 90’ + 1 ‘Zwartz – 9’ Riddle, 56 ‘Mamba)

Stuttgart – Cologne 0-2

(72 ‘, 77’ Modest)

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