Eisi: “We can make… noise this year with Olympiakos”


Something more than cheerful for moving to Olympic appeared the Quincy Isi. In an interview with Cosmote TV, the American stated excited for the conditions he found in the team and the city, (but also for the fact that she will play with him “Little brother” of, as he characterized him Dorsey).

So he did not hesitate to ask high the bar for the ambitions of the “red and whites”, expressing the belief that together they can to make. noise this year.

Analytically what Eisi said

For his arrival at Olympiakos: “I am just happy to be here. It is a beautiful city, a beautiful country. People are polite, the food is great! And the team is very good. Last year I took some time for my family. I stayed out of basketball for a while because of Covid and everything that happened. I had just become a father again. When I was ready I would wait for the best opportunity and now it came my way “.

For his collaboration with Giannis Sfeiropoulos: “Excellent guy. And his assistant the same. Very good people, intense, focused. I always listened to the best about Greece “.

For his character: “I am just myself! I’m not trying to show something I’m not. I play hard, the fans know and respect that. I treat them all with respect. It does not matter what your position is, they are all human beings and I treat them with the same respect. “

For a nailing a few years ago in front of Giannis Antetokounbo: “He is a great player, but in basketball such phases also happen. He tried to cut me, but I was in for a surprise and nailed it. “But he is a great player, he got there with hard work and I have a lot of respect for him.”

For basketball in Europe: “I have great respect for the players, the organization, the fans. There is passion, every occupation counts “.

For Dorsey: “He is my brother! My little brother! We are very friends, I love him “!

For Hunter: “I contacted him, he gave me a good view of the city. He is an awesome player. I love him”.

For his goals with Olympiakos: “I think we have the talent and a good technical staff. It is important to stay healthy, to think and to follow our plan. “We can make noise.”

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