Olympiacos-Fenerbahce tickets


The ability to secure their place in “Karaiskaki” for the game with Fenerbahce will have his friends from Thursday Olympic. The “red and white” PAE announced details about disposal both electronically and from publishing houses.

The relative announcement states:

PAE OLYMPIAKOS, for the match of the 5th match day of the UEFA Europa League against Fenerbahce that will be held at the stadium “G. KARAISKAKIS ”on Thursday 25/11 at 22:00, informs the friends of the team about the following:

Tickets are available online (www.olympiacos.org) from Thursday 18/11 at 12:00 until sold out.

Tickets will be collected in the following ways:

a) the Print @ home function (receipt of tickets in the email)

b) with the Ticket Mobile application during which the ticket is displayed on a Smartphone.

c) from the delivery kiosks (automatic ticket machines) outside the door 17

To buy tickets online, click here

The ticket offices will be open on Friday 19/11, Monday 22/11 until Thursday 25/11, from 10.00 – 18.00 or until their exhaustion.

For the purchase of tickets from the ticket offices, there will be the possibility for the fans to make an appointment from the site www.olympiacos.org.

With the finalization of the appointment, they have the opportunity to buy their tickets from the box office with the presentation of the email as well as all the necessary documents.

To book your appointment, press here

A prerequisite for the purchase of up to 4 tickets is to have the corresponding covid-19 vaccination certificates (14 days after the completion of the vaccination) or covid-19 disease certificates.

Ticket prices are as follows: € 25, € 30, € 40, € 45, € 50, € 60, € 65, € 75, € 150 (VIP), € 250 (VVIP)

Holders of tickets or season tickets must have with them the necessary identification documents (identity card or passport or residence permit), as well as the vaccination certificate (14 days after the completion of the vaccination) or the illness certificate within the last six months.

A certificate of negative test with a negative result of rapid test, PCR or self-test in adults will not be accepted.

Regarding the entry of underage fans, for those belonging to the age limit of 13 – 17 years, entry will be allowed by confirming a negative test with PCR test within seventy two (72) hours or rapid test within forty eight (48) hours before during the race, while for 12 years and under, they are allowed to enter with a negative self – test that has been conducted on the day of the race.

In case a fan does not have a vaccination certificate or a certificate of illness, he / she will not be allowed to enter the facility, with the exception of underage fans aged 13 to 17 and children aged 12 and under who must be accompanied.

The security staff of the stadium will use the covid free application to check the certificates, while examining the necessary documents and the tickets / season cards before the entrance of the gates.

It is mandatory to use a mask that will cover the mouth and nose both upon arrival at the surrounding area of ​​the stadium and throughout the stay on the stands, as well as upon departure.

In order to avoid overcrowding as fans enter the stands, the gates will open three hours before the start of the match.

We urge the spectators to arrive at the stadium no later than 1 hour before the start of the match, as the door checking process is time consuming.

We also urge the use of contactless cards for money transactions.

After the end of the match, the departure from the field will be gradual.

PAE OLYMPIAKOS reminds the fans that in order to get a ticket for our team’s matches they must have the “Olympiacos fan card” which the fan will get by paying 10 € per year, an amount that will go entirely to the Amateur box, to continue our teams to star in all sports.

Fans will be able to obtain the “Olympiacos fan card” from the office of the members / fans of the Amateur Olympiacos located at the G. Karaiskakis Stadium (under gate 19 – Emporiki Stoa).

They will also be able to obtain the “Olympiacos fan card” from the Internet (www.olympiacossfp.gr)

For information about the “Olympiacos fan card” you can call the Amateur OSFP. at 211-1007060 “.

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