Pelé claims to be ‘better every day’ in posting on social media


Forty-eight days after leaving the hospital, Pelé posted this Wednesday (17) on his social networks to update the public about his health. The King of Football said he feels “better every day”.

“Friends, it’s been a while since we talked about this. I want to let you know that I’m very well. I feel better every day. I don’t think even the mask for my protection can hide my happiness. Thank you so much to all of you, who send me good energy. daily,” he wrote.

In the photo, he appears wearing a mask and with his left fist raised.

Pelé was admitted to the Albert Einstein Hospital, in São Paulo, on August 31 to undergo exams. Four days later, he underwent surgery to remove a colon tumor. During hospitalization, he was taken a few times to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), the last time on September 16th. According to the bulletin released at the time, the ace had respiratory instability.

He was discharged on September 30th. On the last 23rd, he turned 81 years old.

The three-time world champion with the national team has been questioning whether he will be able to go to the World Cup in Qatar, in 2022, according to friends told the sheet. This week, he received another invitation to go to the World Cup headquarters. This time, to participate in the opening of a stadium.

The concern is keeping a promise you made to yourself. Go to Qatar in what would be his last World Cup in loco.

“At the next Worlds I want to go and watch, God willing. I’ll hang up my boot so I can stay home and enjoy the family. My kids are all adults. I even joked with Tite: ‘if you continue coaching the national team, the next Cup will be the last one I play. After that, he won’t call me up again'”, he said in an interview with sheet in December 2018.

Since then, he has already received invitations from FIFA, the World Cup organization and different companies to travel to Qatar. The World Cup played in Russia three years ago was the first in which he has not been present as a player, commentator or poster boy since his first time at the tournament, in 1958.

In addition to cancer, he still suffers from sequelae from three surgeries performed in recent years. One for placement of a hip prosthesis and two others to correct it. He also feels pain in his knee, problems that make it difficult for him to move around.

Pelé has continued the recovery process in his apartment near Avenida Paulista, in the central area of ​​São Paulo.


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