The opponents of the National polo teams in the World League


The National Men’s Polo Team was drawn in the fourth qualifying group of the World League with Croatia and Russia.

The representative team will play on January 18th at home to Croatia and on March 5th away at home to Russia. The first two teams of each group will qualify for the second phase which will be held on April 14-16.

There, the first team of our group will play in the cross games with the second of the third group (Serbia, Italy, Slovakia) and the second of our group with the first of the specific group.

Four teams will qualify for the final phase, July 25-30. There will be four more teams from the Intercontinental, as well as the country that will host the Super Final.

In the women, Greece was drawn in the first group. On January 25, it will host Hungary and on March 15, it will play in the Netherlands. All three teams will continue in the next phase, April 8-10.

The second group includes Russia, Italy and Spain. Three teams from Europe will qualify for the Super Final (12-17 / 7), another four will be from the Intercontinental plus the country that will host it.

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