Panathinaikos “fainted” in Munich


Improvement and reaction came, but not victory! THE Panathinaikos not only was it a regular team, but it made a great showing for most of the match at Munich, but gave… a gift to Bayern victory, with the hosts prevailing 81-78 which went up to 5-6.

With his three-pointer Nedovic at six minutes before the end, the “greens” had a… victory show with 70-61, however, at that point he “woke up” Luτσιiτς who was a worthy supporter of the consistently good Hilliard. Bayern managed to reduce the difference, but the “greens” at 47 ” had the opportunity to το finish the match, as in 74-76 White went to the line of fire to send the difference to four. In the end, not only did he make 0/2, but in the attack o Luτσιiτς with a crazy three-pointer gave his team the lead (77-76), with the hosts finally reaching victory, thanks to Rubit’s composure from the shooting line.

Top for the “clover” (2-9), who for much of the match chose zone defense “blocking” Bayern Munich, the Papapetrou with 17p. and Fig with 12p. and 6as.

From the other side, Billiards (20p.), Thomas (15p.) Were the first scorers, but the Luτσιiτς (6p.) Spoke in difficulties while o Rubit (12p.) Was… undefeated in the critical shots.

The match

One of you and me was the first ten minutes in Munich, with the hosts having Darun Hilliard in an amazing night, while Panathinaikos found offensive solutions with Ioannis Papapetrou, who “hit” the defense of the hosts in the picture. With a three-pointer by Thomas for the first time, the difference… escaped to six (16-10), while with Hilliard’s show continuing, it was 22-17. However, Evans and Papapetrou balanced (22-22) at the end of the first ten minutes.

From the moment the “clover” attack began to find the answers, the request for Panathinaikos was to improve its defense, maintaining the right choices on the other side of the floor. After the “one of you and one of me” continued until 28-29 with the three-pointer of Kaselakis, Panathinaikos pressed the accelerator and with Meikon offering executive and creative solutions, went the difference to 8 points (32-40, 36- 44). With Hunter’s shot the first half ended at 37-44.

In the second half, Panathinaikos came in completely focused, did not let Bayern Munich react at all and approach the score, since the zone defense was working properly and in fact with Papapetros’ three-pointer for the first time the difference went to 10 points (39-49) . The hosts made a first reaction (45-51), but Panathinaikos was cool (47-57, 51-59) showing that it had predicted everything. In the end, this did not happen, as Obst came out of nowhere που with two three-pointers kept alive the Bavarians who closed the season at one point (59-60).

With a basket by Thomas, Bayern went ahead for the first time (61-60), but the answer was deafening. A series of 0-10 with three-pointers by Makon and Nedovic with the score skyrocketing to 61-70. Missing up to that point, Luτσιiτς decided to appear with a difficult three-pointer (66-70), while with an indirect three-pointer by Hilliard, the difference went to one possession (69-72). The game had reached 74-76, with White winning the foul at 47 ” before the end, but the American ισε succumbed to the pressure having 0/2 (although 10/10 up to that point in the tournament) and on the. cap, Lucic made it 77-76 with a crazy three-pointer over Makon. Makon then chose a three-pointer, missed and with Rubit being perfectly accurate from the line gave the victory to the Germans with 81-78.

The ten minutes: 22-22, 37-44, 59-60, 81-78

MVP: If we talk about the player who was the top for most of the match, it was Darwin Hilliard. Explosive first ten minutes with 12p. and finally completed his show with 20p. and 4/6 three-pointers. All this in just 26 minutes of participation and without blackmailing efforts, still having 3/3 two points and 2/2 shots.

The number that made the difference: From the moment the match was judged in detail, the number that made the difference was that of the shots. Bayern had 11/12, while Panathinaikos 17/24 with the two misses belonging to White. Terrible element also that both teams had the same number of assists (16), errors (8) and identical in steals (4th Bayern, 5th Panathinaikos) and rebounds (26th Bayern, 27th Panathinaikos)

Bayern Munich-Panathinaikos 81-78

Watch the film of the match here

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