Ionikos – Asteras Tripolis: Their first

Ionikos – Asteras Tripolis: Their first

Ionic and Asteras Tripolis face Nice (20/11, 19:30) in one of the three games that open the curtain of the 10th game of the Super League and the first match between them in their history.

Nikaiotes come from the 1-0 defeat by Olympiakos in Karaiskaki having a good appearance, at the moment when Arkades knew the 1-0 defeat at home from Lamia.

Both teams have two games to win with the pressure being clearly on the shoulders of Asteras coach Milan Rastavac and his players. You see, Ionikos and Asteras Tripolis may be tied with 9 points but the requirements were and are different for the Nikaians who went up this year and have made good appearances, against the Arcadians who made a great run last year and this year are still looking for their good self, having just two victories.

For Ionikos, Aosman, although he suffered in the end, is on the mission, as are Kanas and Valerianos. However, Vafeas is out after the discomfort he felt in the last training session. On the other hand, Asteras will not have its main striker, Barrales, who is penalized, while Munafo, Kapia and Santa Fe are also out.

The possible 11 teams:

IONIC: Houtesiotis – Fly, Cigrinski, Sanchez, Valerianos – Romao, Dalsio – Lenis, Aosman, Cabral – Thuram.

ASTERAS TRIPOLIS: Tsiftis – Carmona, Pitsou, Castanio, Alvarez – Valiente, Kanellopoulos – Riera, Sito – Sonny, Crespi.

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