The coach of the podium: Atromitos saw a white day with Koulouris, PAOK was useless

The coach of the podium: Atromitos saw a white day with Koulouris, PAOK was useless

Atromitos brought the useless PAOK to its knees in Peristeri with a big protagonist Koulouris, who “hit” twice and got his first victory in the league.

The coach of the podium analyzes

* Done… Koulouris. The big protagonist of the game is obviously the 25-year-old striker, who unblocked even late, “cleaning” PAOK with two of his goals. In a game with a few (and good) phases, the goals of the former “black and white” forward, who also had won a penalty, turned out to be “gold”. Especially the first one that comes to a point where the guests are pushing. With such a Koulouris, Atromitos can hope for much better results than it has had so far.

* He likes the difficult. Atromitos was not only playing against PAOK, but also against the obstacles it has had lately. He lined up without his coach, who suffers from the coronavirus. Certainly, the conditions under which he prepared for the game were not ideal, while he also had some absences (like PAOK). Some quite important, some not. It seems that the Peristeriotes, who have shown a very good face so far, respond better, when they encounter a higher obstacle. So far in the Super League they have only six points. The four are from the games with PAOK and Olympiakos and he has got another one against PAS Giannina, which is fourth.

* He did not know what to do with the ball, he also lacked the substance. PAOK was in the spotlight almost throughout the game, it had the possession of the ball, without being able to break the well-organized defense of Atromitos. In many parts of the game he was. Embarrassed when he came close to the opponent’s area. However, overall it was not worse, but kicked opportunities which he had. With the top double, which he lost to Akpom and Varela for 1-1.

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