Strange space object explodes over and over again – Mystery for scientists


Mystery is for astronomers a space object, which makes energy explosions at regular intervals.

This enigmatic phenomenon was first observed in 2007. These objects, which they named FRB (fast radio burst) due to radioactive explosions, produce pulses in part of the electromagnetic spectrum. These pulses last only a few milliseconds, but produce as much energy as the sun in a year.

Using the Five Hundred Meter Global Radio Telescope (FAST) in China, a team of scientists decided to conduct an extensive study of this repetitive FRB.

FAST is the most sensitive radio telescope in the world, so it can detect things that may have been lost before.

For about 60 hours, the researchers watched FRB 121102 explode 1,652 times, sometimes up to 117 times an hour, far more than any previously known FRB. The team’s results were published Oct. 13 in the journal Nature.

Most FRBs occur in the distant universe, which makes them difficult to study. But in 2020, astronomers found an FRB inside our galaxy, allowing them to determine that the source was a type of dead star called a magnetar because of its high magnetic force.

Magnets are formed from superdense dead stars, known as neutron stars. While all neutron stars have strong magnetic fields, some are extreme with particularly strong magnetic fields that can distort their behavior. Whether all FRBs are neutron stars has not yet been determined.

The extremely high magnetic fields of these stars, which are trillions of times stronger than the Earth, can sometimes cause very strong energy explosions.

Scientists suspect that FRBs somehow detect radio waves either from the initial explosion or from explosions caused when various objects collide with a star, producing strong shock waves. However, they have not yet found the solution to the mystery.

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