From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Super Artificial Intelligence – What Changes |


A new term is becoming more and more emerging and will be the turning point of upcoming technological developments. This is super artificial intelligence, which is the next step of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which already transforms the way of life we ​​knew until today, as it affects every area of ​​everyday life (economy, entertainment, communication, etc.).

As stated by Anastasios Spanidis, founder and CEO of Generation Y, from the podium of the technology exhibition “Beyond 4.0”, super artificial intelligence, in simple words, is the point where artificial intelligence is applied to a machine (eg a robot) will become smarter, faster than man and will gain his own consciousness of how he should do something that has been assigned to him. The machine with the help of machine learning that will feed it with data will understand by itself how it will improve itself, without the help of man.

The artificial intelligence market today is estimated at 60 billion euros internationally, with estimates raising its value to 310 billion euros over the next five years. Today, Artificial Intelligence, as Mr. Spanidis mentioned, focuses on the terms weak and strong, which mainly allow the automation of tasks by machines.

As Mr. Spanidis said, all branches of economics and in general sciences such as medicine, where, for example, with the help of AI, early prognosis of diseases, etc., is influenced by artificial intelligence. The aim is to ensure that social exclusion is not created by the diffusion of the benefits of Artificial Intelligence. “Given the great benefits of artificial intelligence, recognizing the dangers, we need to raise public debate dilemmas, to resolve them to make the most of the potential of new technologies,” he said. Because at the end of the day we make the decisions and not the Artificial Intelligence.


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