9 Perfect Headphones and Earphones for 2022, Regardless of Budget


9 Perfect Headphones and Earphones for 2022, Regardless of Budget

There’s a lot of great music out there right now, so make sure you have the best equipment to listen to it (Image: Getty Images).

Summer is the perfect time to find new music.

Festivals, barbecues and the general environment give us many opportunities to turn up the volume on our favorite playlists.

So when it comes to headphones, you may want an audio upgrade. Also, phone manufacturers don’t seem to care about 3.5mm jacks, so it makes sense to make them wireless.

Whether you need over-ear noise-canceling headphones or sweat-resistant headphones, there are plenty of options. In fact, it is difficult to know which pair to choose.

So I’ve picked a few of the best options and easily divided them into price groups.

less than 50 pounds

Anker Soundcore Vida P2

Anker Soundcore Vida P2

They look like AirPods and these affordable earbuds sound great too (Image: Amazon)

Anker is a well-known force when it comes to portable power packs, but it can just as well be a headset.

And while the Soundcore Life P2 is clearly inspired by AirPods in its design, it’s much easier on the wallet than Apple’s options.

Charged via USB-C, these earbuds can play for up to 7 hours, and the charging case can play for another 40 hours. These are IPX7 waterproof compliant and can be submerged in water for 30 minutes without any technical shock. However, we do not recommend it.

Of course, at this price, you are going to make some sacrifices. There is no active noise cancellation and no multipoint connection. So you can’t quickly switch between them using your phone and laptop.

Buy it on Amazon for £39.99.


Sony headphones.

The Sony WH-CH510 may not be the flashiest name or the best design, but it offers good value for money (Image: Sony).

Sony headphones are the company’s best product, and this set of headphones is especially good value for money.

Japanese tech giants have abolished analog inputs altogether to keep prices down, whether they’re bundled with a mobile phone or not. And the rest of the design is a very practical plastic.

But the best part is the sound, the incredible 35-hour battery life, and the fact that it charges via USB-C instead of the microUSB port typically found on budget headphones.

Purchased from John Lewis for £34.99.

JBL Tune 750BTNC

These JBL headphones are available in a variety of colors.  (Credit: JBL)

These JBL headphones are available in a variety of colors. (Image: JBL)

JBL is well known for its Bluetooth headphones and speakers, so it’s only natural to find them here.

Surprisingly, the JBL Tune750BTNC features active noise cancellation. In short, the headphones act on sounds in the environment to provide an isolated listening experience. Not seen often at this price.

To keep the price down, JBL chose the old MicroUSB charging port over USB-C. You still get 15 hours of listening time, but it takes 2 hours to charge.

While there is a 3.5mm headphone jack that can be switched to wired, the JBL Tune 750BTCN supports multipoint connections so you can quickly switch between the two audio sources.

Buy it on Amazon for £49.95.

Less than £200

Apple AirPods 3rd generation

Apple AirPods 3rd generation

AirPods pair seamlessly with Apple gear (Image: Apple)

Apple’s latest AirPods sit somewhere between the high-end AirPods Pro and the regular old AirPods.

A Monkey Pro-like design with a short shaft, touch controls, and a rounded, bulbous head. There’s no silicone track like a pro, but you’ll notice a black grille that hides the integrated microphone.

The AirPods 3 don’t have active noise cancellation, but use these microphones for Apple’s Adaptive EQ feature. This is a neat trick to adjust the volume in real time based on how the AirPods fit in your ears. The built-in directional microphone controls volume, and the Adaptive EQ with Computational Audio adjusts low and mid frequencies to discover what might be lost due to pitch changes.

However, even if you’re using an iPhone and iPad, there’s nothing quite like Apple’s AirPods smart pairing and Find My security.

You want to know more? Read the full AirPods 3rd Generation review here.

Buy it at Argos for £159.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro

Jabra Elite 7 Pro

The Jabra Elite 7 Pro is an understated but excellent pair of Bluetooth headphones (Image: Jabra)

The Elite 7 Pro was amazing when Jabra released a new headset late last year. Even if you fast-forward for a few months, they’re still the best headphones you can find.

Jabra has so-called “multi-sensor voice” technology in the Elite 7 Pro that combines a bone conduction sensor in the ear canal with four button microphones to eliminate wind noise and other interference.

As a result, Jabra promises extremely clear call quality, whether in the car or on the go. Elite 7 Pro also has an active noise cancellation feature, so you can get the right feedback while listening to music. According to the company, you can expect 9 hours of battery life with ANC turned on. This can be up to 35 hours when the case is charged.

Buy from Amazon for £169.

Senior Marshal IV

headphones marshall

Probably the fanciest can on the list (Image: Marshall)

The Marshall Major IV Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones boast 80 hours of battery life on a single charge and 15 hours of listening time on just a 15-minute charge.

The ear cushions are soft and durable, with easy-to-operate ear buttons.

One for each locker.

Buy from Amazon for £129.

Less than £600

apple airpod max

Apple Airpod Max Hero

Expensive, but worth it if you need the best Apple has to offer (credit: Apple)

Unmistakably Apple-like, the audio that comes out of these very comfortable stainless steel cans is unique, detailed and balanced, and the noise cancellation is enough to drown out road noise.

Controls are handled using a convenient dial that lets you easily control music playback and call up Siri, while another button toggles between active noise cancellation and transparent mode.

It will stop when it is removed. A useful feature of iThing is 360-degree virtual surround sound and easy pairing. How about an inefficient train? I don’t understand.

For more information, check out the full AirPods Max review here.

Purchased at Argos for £549.

Bose 700 Noise Canceling Headphones


The beauty of these Bose makes you feel great around your skull (Image: Bose)

Following up on Bose’s earlier impressive noise-canceling device, the 700 has some great headphones.

Fortunately, they offer exceptional noise cancellation technology that can be adjusted with the help of the app.

It’s comfortable on the ear, has crisp, clear sound, and the touch control is easy to grip.

In talk mode, the audio is muted so it is not interrupted. If you are making a call in a noisy environment, we recommend the Adaptive Microphone Assistant to clear up the call.

Elsewhere, expect Alexa/Google Assistant compatibility, headphone jack support, dual pairing capabilities, and 20 hours of battery life.

Buy it now on Amazon for £259.


Sony headphones

Sony WH-1000XM5 are the company’s flagship headphones (Image: Sony)

With the next level of noise cancellation, superior audio, adaptive volume control and conversational awareness from its predecessor, Sony’s latest headset is sure to be great.

Fortunately, they build on everything that made their predecessor highly desirable.

Sony modified a design called “silent design” that can be smoothly adjusted with the continuous slider on the headband.

Active noise cancellation is top-notch, with two processors processing information from eight microphones to further enhance your listening experience.

A single charge gives you 30 hours of battery life, but according to Sony, the USB-C charging port gives you 3 hours of playback time in 3 minutes.

Purchased from John Lewis for £379.

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