Analysis: See 5 scams that can attack your cell phone

Analysis: See 5 scams that can attack your cell phone

More than a thousand attempted financial scams took place every hour between January and July 2022, according to cybersecurity firm Psafe. Experts say the 600% growth in July compared to the same period in 2021 is alarming.

Among the most frequent scams are those that use the name of government programs, demand false registration updates or send slips that imitate the originals. Often, scammers combine the techniques to deceive the victim, who is financially harmed.

Know some common scams that can appear on your cell phone.

Aid Brazil coup

Scammers send messages to potential victims via WhatsApp, SMS or email, informing them that they are entitled to Auxílio Brasil or offering a link for consultation.

After the false consultation, the victim receives a message informing her that she would be entitled to R$2,500 in Auxílio Brasil, available for immediate withdrawal. To do so, you are asked to enter your Pix key. After this procedure, the data is saved on the website and available to criminals.

If you have entered personal data on suspicious websites, experts recommend being aware of strange movements on your device and the use of your name by third parties.

job scam

Victims receive job offers with attractive pay and hours. When showing interest, they are informed of the need to pay a fee, supposedly to take an admission exam or professional course, which does not happen in legitimate selection processes.

There is even an employment scam that involves manipulating reviews in online stores. The user is asked to send a small amount via Pix and then perform daily tasks, such as simulating purchases and evaluating products, to receive their money back with a bonus.

This works, but over time, larger contributions and more difficult tasks are requested, so that the scammers buy time and increase the number of participants. At some point, the platforms shut down and people lose the money they send.

Experts recommend contacting the company to confirm the alleged offer.

Learn more about the WhatsApp job scam and its modalities.

QR code scam

QR Code scam steals money and data when exchanging codes. Original codes are manipulated physically, with stickers, or online, through malicious programs. The codes can also be made available in virtual or physical spaces, with false offers that involve requesting payments or registrations in an attempt to steal data or infect the user’s devices.

Experts recommend only scanning a reliable QR Code, checking the link that appears before accessing it and verifying account holder data before making transfers.

Meet the QR Code scam.

fake ticket scam

The fake boleto scam can occur with the sending of a false charge or the manipulation of a real one, with changes in the barcode made by malicious programs. There are cases where criminals simulate the visual identity and add logos of institutions to give the impression of legitimacy.

It is important to verify that the last digits of the code correspond to the amount to be paid and the first to the code of the issuing bank. In addition, the beneficiary’s data is shown at the time of payment and any information different from what the user recognizes must be challenged with the company’s official channel.

Understand the scam of the fake ticket.

Phantom hand strike

The Phantom Hand Swipe allows criminals to control the user’s cell phone from a distance, giving the impression that there is an invisible hand controlling the device.

Scammers trick the victim into downloading a remote access program, pretending to be bank employees, for example, or with false warnings on popular websites. From there, it is possible to access the cell phone and search for bank account passwords, which often goes unnoticed by the victim.

It is recommended to never install unknown applications or received by messages, diversify passwords and have antivirus programs on your devices.

Learn more about the Phantom Hand Swipe.

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