SBT presenter says that Anitta has ‘exaggerated attitudes’ and detonates: ‘It is no example’


It seems that Anitta has gained another name on her list of enemies. After having harshly criticized the singer for an intimate tattoo, presenter Carlos Massa, the Mouse, returned to attack her on a program on SBT on Monday night (5). He agreed that the funkeira has talent, but he disapproved of the attitudes of the singer of the hit “Envolver”.

“I don’t agree with some things that Anitta does. I think it’s exaggerated. She has talent, but she doesn’t need certain things. Anitta is no example”, said Ratinho. “I have six granddaughters and I wouldn’t like one of them to be inspired by Anitta. I’ve never asked if they like Anitta, but I wouldn’t like them to follow the singer,” added Silvio Santos’ broadcaster.

The controversy involving Ratinho and Anitta began during the show ‘Ten or Thousand’ with presenter Mara Maravilha. She commented on the “fight” she had with Ludmilla in the past and to this day she still does. The two argued on “Fofocalizando”, in 2018, when the singer participated in the “celebrity crusher”, and detonated the look of a former children’s entertainer. “I would use Mara’s look today to cover my plug. The one from the beach house,” she snapped. “We have to have the maturity to accept criticism, even more so small”, returned the Bahian.

Mara criticized Ludmilla’s songs. “I don’t like this drug and violence apology thing. Respect, she is a talented artist and has a large audience. There is no personal rancidity. Personally, I prefer Iza. A kiss, Ludmilla”, she said.

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