How to disappear from Google: Erase personal information with a button


What we achieve with the new “remove result button”

For the first time, the company is giving the possibility to delete personal information that appears in Google search, with a new privacy function that it is piloting.

The new “remove result button” that appeared this week for some users in the Google app in the US and Europe gives the user the ability to request that pages containing the phone number not appear in searches their home address or email address.

Users can also request the removal of results containing Social Security numbers, bank account or credit card numbers, and medical records.

They can also remove information that is “no longer accurate” or is “illegal”.

As Google makes clear, the removal of these personal details from its search does not mean that they have disappeared from the internet, and for this reason anyone who wants them to be unavailable should contact the website that hosts them directly.

The tool is in testing and has not yet been rolled out across the entire Google platform.

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