Musk announces tool that shows the number of views of each tweet

Musk announces tool that shows the number of views of each tweet

Elon Musk, owner of Twitter, announced on his profile a new visualization tool for the social network this Thursday (22).

“Twitter is launching View Count so you can see how many times a tweet has been seen,” said the billionaire. The idea, according to him, is to show that the social network is “more alive than it seems”.

“90% of Twitter users read but don’t tweet, reply or like because these are public actions,” Musk wrote.

Currently, you can see stats for your own post, but not others. With the tool, which is already available to some users, the data is public.

During the six-month deal to buy Twitter for $44 billion, which concluded in October, Musk reinforced his intention to make the company more profitable. The platform faces stagnation compared to competing social networks such as Instagram and Facebook.

Upon assuming command of the company, the billionaire announced Twitter Blue, for example, a subscription option of US$ 8 (R$ 42) to have the blue verification icon of the network – a tool deleted after a few days and today restored. About 1,200 company employees were laid off.

On Tuesday (20), Musk said he will step down as president of the platform as soon as he finds “someone foolish enough” to accept the position. “Afterwards, I’ll just run the software and server teams,” he said.

The announcement came after the billionaire asked users, through a poll, if he should leave the command of the social network. “I will respect the results,” he said.

About 57.5% of the votes were in favor of Musk stepping down as head of the company, while 42.5% were against the idea. 17.5 million people participated.

In the last week, the social network suspended accounts that tracked planes of billionaires – including Musk’s – and took down profiles of several journalists in the United States, including professionals from the New York Times and the Washington Post.

On Sunday, Twitter also said it would remove accounts created solely for the purpose of promoting other platforms and content that contain links or usernames. The platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, Truth Social, Tribel, Nostr and Post.

Shares in Tesla, another of his companies, have fallen since the billionaire made the offer to buy Twitter earlier this year.

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