Anatel authorizes 5G in Mogi, Cotia, Barueri and 75 other cities; see list


Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) anticipated the release of 5G signal in more than 78 municipalities close to capitals or cities with more than 500 thousand inhabitants. Operators that purchased the right to operate in the fifth generation telephony frequency need to request the agency to activate stations.

On the list are cities in Greater São Paulo such as Cotia, Barueri, Mauá and Embu das Artes.

The anticipated installation of the new mobile internet infrastructure in these cities depends on the individual planning of each provider, according to Anatel.

Making the 5G signal available depends on cleaning up the 3.5 GHz frequency band — a kind of avenue in the air through which telephony, television and radio waves travel. To work without interference and ensure more speed, only the 5G signal must occupy this space.

By the end of the semester, Anatel plans to include hundreds of municipalities in the 5G coverage area and estimates it will reach 1,610 cities. The report was released by the Monitoring Group for the Implementation of Solutions for Interference Problems (Gaispi), which deals with network failures.

Today, 140 municipalities, which are home to 38.5% of the population, are able to use “pure 5G” stations.

See the cities that will have the track released tomorrow:

In the state of Sao Paulo

  • Aluminum
  • Araçoiaba da Serra
  • Arujá
  • Barueri
  • caieiras
  • cajamar
  • carapicuiba
  • agouti
  • Cloves
  • Embu das Artes
  • Embu-Guaçu
  • Ferraz de Vasconcelos
  • Francisco Morato
  • Franco da Rocha
  • Guararema
  • Hortolandia
  • indaiatuba
  • Itapecerica da Serra
  • Itapevi
  • Itaquaquecetuba
  • itu
  • Itupeva
  • alligator
  • Jaguariuna
  • jambeiro
  • Jandira
  • Mairinque
  • Mairiporã
  • maua
  • Mogi das Cruzes
  • Monte Mor
  • Pirapora do Bom Jesus
  • Poá
  • Ribeirão Pires
  • Rio Grande da Serra
  • Santa Isabel
  • Santana de Parnaiba
  • Sao Lourenco da Serra
  • Serrana
  • Sumaré
  • Suzano
  • Taboao da Serra
  • Valinhos
  • Vargem Grande Paulista
  • Votorantim

In Minas Gerais

  • Betim
  • farm
  • Colonel Pacheco
  • Ibirite
  • creek
  • Mario Campos
  • Matias Barbosa
  • stream of snow
  • Sao Joaquim de Bicas
  • sarzedo

In Santa Catarina

  • Araquari
  • Balneário Barra do Sul
  • garuva
  • Guaramirin
  • Schroeder

No stop

  • Benevides
  • Marituba
  • Santa Barbara do Para
  • Santa Izabel do Pará

in the Holy Spirit

  • Cariacica
  • fundão
  • Guarapari
  • viana

In Rio Grande do Sul

  • Farroupilha
  • Flores da Cunha
  • San Marcos

in Paraná

In Pernambuco

  • Cape of Saint Augustine
  • Camaragibe

In Rio de Janeiro

in Bahia

Order kit to avoid interference

Those who receive open TV transmissions via a satellite dish need to adapt their equipment to avoid interference.

People with enrollment in any government social program and a satellite dish installed in the property can request free access to the kit that prevents interference between television waves and 5G connection.

The entity responsible for the frequency of the new mobile network, Siga Antenado, also installs the new equipment. The service requires an appointment, available on this website.

Those not enrolled in the Cadastro Único need to buy the adapter and pay for the installation. Those who use digital antennas do not need to make adaptations.

More information is available on the Siga Antenado website or by calling 0800-729-2404.

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