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Space: Impressive photo of Earth as seen from the Moon


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The photo was sent by the South Korean vessel “Danuri”

The Korea Aerospace Research Institute’s (KARI) Danuri or Korean Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO) spacecraft, launched into orbit around the Moon in December 2022, has begun sending back stunning black-and-white photos of Earth as seen from the moon, as well as satellite photos of our planet.

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Danuri (a combination of the Korean words for moon and enjoyment) is the first South Korean space mission and is being carried out in collaboration between KARI and the US Space Agency (NASA). The craft was launched last year in August from Cape Canaveral in Florida by an American Space X rocket.

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In mid-December, Danuri entered lunar orbit and began studying the lunar surface, as well as photographing it, with the goal of identifying suitable sites for future lunar landings. The findings will, among other things, help NASA plan its future missions under the Artemis program, the successor to the historic Apollo missions. The goal will be to create the first lunar base after 2025.

Danuri is planned to remain in lunar orbit for another 11 months.


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