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Microsoft announces Bing with robot more powerful than ChatGPT


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Microsoft announced this Tuesday (7) that a new version of Bing, the company’s search engine, will use an artificial intelligence more powerful than ChatGPT, a robot that conquered millions of users in just two months.

Bing will be able to answer questions and talk to you based on information available on the internet. The language model used in the search engine is also developed by OpenAI —which created ChatGPT and received investments from Microsoft— and optimized for web search.

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The announcement comes a day after Google announced Bard, a text-generating robot to compete with ChatGPT, in what already looks like a race for conversational artificial intelligence.

Microsoft said that starting Tuesday, users will be able to make a limited number of queries to the new Bing from their computer and sign up for full access. The company predicts millions of users in the coming weeks.

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On Wednesday (2), Microsoft began offering a premium Teams offering based on ChatGPT, aimed at simplifying meetings. In addition to Teams and Bing, the company is expected to integrate AI into its other products, such as Office and Windows itself.

Microsoft’s multibillion-dollar investment in OpenAI was announced in January, but the partnership between the two lasts for almost four years – in 2019, big tech allocated US$ 1 billion to the startup co-founded by Elon Musk and Altman.

Bard, a Google tool announced this Monday (6), debuts on the market after the OpenAI chatbot conquered 100 million users in less than two months and dominated discussions on social networks.

Altman, CEO of the startup said that, in just five days of operation, the robot got one million users

“Bard seeks to combine the breadth of the world’s knowledge with the power, intelligence and creativity of our great language models. It draws on information from the web to provide fresh, high-quality answers,” said Google CEO Sundar Pichai, on the company’s blog, this Monday.

Google’s chatbot, however, is not yet available to the public, unlike ChatGPT. Big Tech says the technology is under testing and should be openly made available in the coming weeks. In the announcement, Google said that Bard should also integrate the company’s search engine.

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