Asteroid enters Earth and causes explosion of light in Europe


An asteroid entered Earth’s atmosphere around 4am (1200 GMT) in northern France. The object, when colliding with the Earth’s atmosphere, caused a flash.

The effect could also be seen in parts of the UK. The Reuters news agency reported images of the brightness in the English city of Brighton, located on the edge of the English Channel, which separates England from France.

Videos were posted on social networks showing how the event took place. In one of them, it is possible to see the astroid passing in a path like a white line. At one point, the celestial body causes a large yellowish flash and then disappears.

The European Space Agency (ESA) reported on Twitter that the asteroid was small, about 1 m in diameter. The impact, according to the agency, was considered safe.

Moments before the event, the ESA reported that the asteroid would crash into Earth. And so it happened. According to the institution, the prediction is credited to an asteroid hunter named Krisztián Sárneczk.

The agency explained that this was only the seventh time that it was possible to predict an impact of an asteroid in the Earth’s atmosphere. According to the institution, this is indicative of the progress that the prediction of this type of event has been taking in recent years around the globe.

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